Three strokes teach you to choose the right indoor carpet

Three strokes teach you to choose the right indoor carpet

Nowadays, many families like to lay home carpets during the decoration, but the carpets of various materials make it difficult for some citizens to choose. The reporter visited some merchants to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different material carpets and the choice of tips. The carpet buying guide will share with you, three strokes. Three strokes teach you to choose the right indoor carpet.

Classification of family carpets:

At present, carpets sold on the market mainly include mechanical carpets and handmade carpets. The mechanism carpet is divided into tufted carpet, woven carpet and needled carpet. The handmade carpet is divided into three types: hand-knotted wool carpet, hand-stitched wool rubber back carpet and hand-knotted silk carpet.

Many industry people have introduced that the tufted carpet is beautiful and durable, and it is a popular mid-range product; the woven carpet is gorgeous and comfortable, and it is a high-grade product in the mechanism carpet, acrylic blister machine;

The needle-punched carpet is suitable for places with frequent replacement cycles and is a low-grade product in the mechanism carpet. Hand-knotted wool carpets, hand-tufted wool-backed carpets, and hand-knotted silk carpets are interior-grade decorations, and the price is relatively high.

Three strokes three strokes teach you to choose the right indoor carpet:

When choosing a carpet, consumers should choose different grades of carpet according to the specific conditions of each family. If there are wheelchairs and other rubber tires in the room, they should choose a synthetic fiber woven carpet that is not afraid of pressure and easy to clean.

For rooms with a large flow of people, a tufted loop pile carpet with high pile quality, high density and wear resistance should be selected. For families with infants and young children, choose synthetic fiber woven carpets that are resistant to corrosion, pollution and easy to clean.

You should judge the quality of indoor carpets in this way!

In addition to looking at the specifications given by the manufacturer, the carpet buying guide reminds you to pay attention to the following three points:

Three strokes teach you to choose the right indoor carpet

First, look at the pile density of the carpet:

The carpet can be touched by hand, and the quality of the pile is high, and the density of the carpet surface is full. The carpet has good elasticity, wear resistance, and is comfortable and durable. Consumers should not choose the plush method to select the carpet. The surface looks fluffy and good, but the pile density is loose, the pile is easy to fall and deform, not resistant to pedaling, and not durable.

Second, color fastness:

When choosing a carpet, the elderly apartment can be rubbed repeatedly on the carpet surface several times to see if the color is sticky on the hand. If the color is sticky, the color fastness of the product is not good, and the carpet is prone to discoloration during use. fade.

Third, the carpet backing peeling strength:

The back of the tufted carpet is glued with a layer of mesh backing and electric spindle. When selecting this type of carpet, the base fabric can be gently torn and torn to see the degree of adhesion, such as low adhesion. The base fabric and the carpet body are easily separated, and the indoor carpet is not durable.

This article provides you with detailed information on the purchase of indoor carpets. The three strokes teach you to choose the right indoor carpet. I am happy when I help you!

Five different types of family carpet cleaning methods

Five different types of family carpet cleaning methods

What are the methods of cleaning family carpet? Home carpets are indispensable decorative items in modern homes. They are woven into various colors in various materials, shapes and sizes to bring individuality to each space. However, home carpet cleaning It is a troublesome thing. So, how should the carpets of different materials in the agenda life be cleaned? Here are five different types of family carpet cleaning methods to help you better clean the carpet.

1, the cleaning method of the large carpet

The cleaning method of five different types of family carpet cleaning methods the same as ordinary indoor carpets. For cleaning large-area carpets, the most important thing is to vacuum the carpet regularly with a vacuum cleaner. If the indoor carpet is reversible, double-sided vacuuming . This removes grit and dirt that can cause the carpet to wear, but be careful not to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the edges of the carpet. When using a vacuum cleaner, pet hair may be left. In this case, use a hard brush to remove the hair and brush the hair in the direction of the carpet fluff. If the interior carpet is small enough, you can take it out, shake it or slap it to remove dirt and grit, but in some areas there are regulations prohibiting outdoor rocking, so please understand your local regulations.

  1. Cleaning method for woven or woven carpet

Before and after cleaning, check the seams on the carpet, check the label to determine if the woven carpet is washable, and if possible, place the small carpet in a zippered pillowcase or a meshed laundry bag and circulate it in clean water. Until thoroughly cleaned, then dry in a low temperature environment. If large woven carpets need to be laid on vinyl or concrete floors, or put an old blanket under them, use a special carpet cleaning foam to clean the surface of the carpet and wipe it in the direction of the carpet fluff, and finally by washing or sucking When the dust is done, be sure to dry thoroughly before laying the carpet on the floor.

3, manual carpet cleaning method

Ordinary outdoor carpets are similar to wool carpets. Cleaning of handmade carpets also requires the use of vacuum cleaners for vacuuming. However, manual carpets should be carefully cleaned. To prevent damage to the carpet when using a vacuum cleaner, a nylon mesh can be placed on the carpet. Use books or bricks to weight them to protect them from the vacuum cleaner. Or attach a screen to the vacuum cleaner and frequently change the screen when dirt accumulates. This kind of carpet needs to be professionally cleaned once a year. It is best to rotate the carpet often to ensure even wear of the carpet. Remember that the handmade carpet should not be exposed to the sun, otherwise the carpet will fade.

Tip: When buying handmade carpets, learn as much as possible about the fiber content and structure of the carpet from the manufacturer so that it can be better cleaned in the future. Five different types of family carpet cleaning methods.

4, the cleaning method of natural fiber carpet

These carpets made of natural fibers are open-woven, which screens the dirt onto the underlying floor and then cleans the floor with a vacuum cleaner. Many of these carpets are reversible, and if so, they should be turned over and cleaned whenever you vacuum.

To clean the stains or fading on the natural fiber carpet in the room, place it in a suitable position, protect the underlying floor with a plastic drip cloth and a towel, scrub the stain with a soft brush, soapy water, and rinse with water. Put a towel in a wet place, dry the stain as much as possible, or use a portable fan or hair dryer to speed up the drying, because water will weaken the fibers, so dry quickly and completely extend the life of these carpets.

Five different types of family carpet cleaning methods

Some natural fiber rugs are made up of squares that are sewn together. Buy a few or smaller rugs. If there are dirty smudges on the rug, hold the fixed line and replace a new square rug. Durable carpet lines are hand-stitched.

5, the cleaning method of leather carpet

Shake the odorless talcum powder on the fur, sheepskin and hair on the carpet and leave it for a few hours, then shake off. The number of repetitions of this process depends on the length of the fur.

To clean the back of the carpet, use a clean cotton cloth dampened with soapy water to wipe off any dirt or spillage, wash it off with a cloth dampened with clean water, and put it back in place to dry.

How to choose the indoor carpet that suits you?

How to choose the indoor carpet that suits you?

The appearance of the indoor carpet fills the monotonous atmosphere of the floor tile. It has become an indispensable decoration in the modern home decoration. It adds the personality and atmosphere of the home space, and also shows the characteristics of the owner’s personality. There are so many kinds of carpets on the market today. How to choose the family carpet that suits you?

How to choose the indoor carpet that suits you?

First of all, when you buy a carpet, you should think about the situation in your home. You can choose the carpet according to different family conditions, so you can better match the room, beautify the room, and reduce the damage of the carpet. It is fundamentally save money and practical. For the rooms that come in and out frequently, the tufted loop pile carpet with high quality, high density and wear resistance is used.

How to choose the indoor carpet that suits you? Choose the carpet according to the color, lighting conditions and layout of the room. For example, a carpet placed in a bedroom is designed to create a warm atmosphere for the environment. The living room carpet is selected according to the decoration style, and the wearable and heavy carpet is generally used. For the child’s room, you should choose a carpet with a cartoon character pattern.

How to choose the indoor carpet that suits you?

Usually the master bedroom can be fully carpeted. A large number of carpets can be used in the dining room furniture. For carpets that enter the door, you can put a carpet that fits the size of the doorway. This not only cleans the home, but also beautifies the home.

How to choose the indoor carpet that suits you? Many people went to the carpet store to hear the introduction of the business or after seeing the carpet they liked. The bad thing happened. It was found that the color of the carpet was not in harmony with the decoration style of the home. In order to avoid this situation, I would like to remind you that when buying a carpet, you must consider it clearly and choose the carpet according to the decoration style of the room.

Five well-known kids carpet brands

Five well-known kids carpet brands

Carpet is one of the world’s long-standing historical arts and crafts, with rich patterns, beautiful colors and diverse shapes.

It can beautify your decorative environment and reflect your personality. So, what brand of carpet is good? What brands of carpet are there? Let’s take a look at five well-known kids carpet brands.

Five well-known kids carpet brands

1,Five well-known kids carpet brands – Shanhua carpet

Shanhua Carpet Group, a leader who leads the Chinese carpet industry from the nation to the world, has built a “mountain flower” into a symbolic brand in the world to measure the development level of the Chinese carpet industry.

“Shanhua” is the only one in China’s carpet industry that has won the “China Famous Brand”, “China Famous Brand”, “China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Trademarks” and “National Inspection-Free Products”. It is rated as “the first brand in China’s carpet industry”. “.

2, Five well-known kids carpet brands – hippocampus carpet

Haima Group’s six subsidiaries (Haima Carpet Co., Ltd., Haima Nylon Co., Ltd., Haima Woolen Co., Ltd., Sino-Japanese joint venture Haima Dahe Carpet Co., Ltd., Sino-Japanese joint venture Haima Dahua Carpet Co., Ltd., Sino-US joint venture Kristen (China) ) Carpet Co., Ltd.).

A technology development and research institute—Weihai Carpet Research Institute and more than ten joint venture units constitute a huge “hippocampus” system, and strive to achieve perfection in every aspect of the carpet industry.

3, Five well-known kids carpet brands – Huade carpet

Zhengzhou Huade Yongjia Carpet Co., Ltd. is one of the largest companies in China with the largest sales volume, the most complete product range, and the most extensive sales and service network. One of the drafting units of the national standard for tufting carpets, all kinds of carpet production and sales since 1997 The country is always among the best in the same industry.

4, Five well-known kids carpet brands- Dongsheng carpet

Dongsheng Carpet Group is one of the largest and most advanced woven carpet manufacturers in Asia. It mainly produces home and commercial hand-made and woven carpets with an annual production capacity of 23 million square meters and 1900 employees. It has been the first in the industry in China for 5 consecutive years.

5, Five well-known kids carpet brands – Tibetan sheep carpet

Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Carpet (Group) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive Tibetan carpet production and management enterprise integrating production, supply, sales, research and teaching. It was established in 1996 and has the right to import and export. At present, the Tibetan Sheep Group has a total of 8 wholly-owned and holding companies.

In recent years, with the support of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government and relevant departments, the Tibetan Sheep Group relies on local raw materials, labor, and Tibetan cultural advantages.

Five well-known kids carpet brands

Starting from the birthplace of Tibetan carpets, on the basis of traditional hand-woven carpet weaving, we will actively transform the economic growth mode in accordance with the guidelines of the national macroeconomic policy.

It has introduced the most advanced woven production equipment from Belgium and Germany, and built a woven storage blanket production base, which has adjusted the company’s products from a single hand-made rug to a diversified product structure with hand-made and woven Tibetan carpets.

At present, the products of the Tibetan Sheep Group have nearly a thousand varieties of 45L-400L hand-made and woven Tibetan carpets.

“Zangyang” brand Tibetan carpet won the title of “China Famous Brand”, “National Exemption Inspection” and “National Geographical Indication Protection Product”, “Zangyang” brand was awarded “China Famous Brand”, and passed the national ISO9001:2000 in 2003. Quality management system certification.

For those who want to buy outdoor carpet, you can refer to the purchase of these five family carpet brands!

How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

Because the office carpet can reduce the noise of the office, it provides great convenience for indoor computer wiring, and it is more fashionable.

How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

But he also has an indoor carpet that is not good and clean. If the carpet is dirty, it is not only bad, but also breeds bacteria or dust.

Therefore, each company should arrange an office carpet cleaning program for itself to keep the indoor carpet clean and prevent bacterial growth.

How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

From a professional point of view, we recommend that your office carpet be cleaned at least every three months. It is best to clean once a month if there are many office staff or company conditions. According to the customer, how long to clean.

Cleaning company introduction: We use different cleaning liquids according to different materials of carpet cleaning agent; high foam, low foam carpet shampoo, strong oil, in addition to coloring agents, disinfectants.

1,High foam carpet water is a neutral detergent suitable for cleaning various carpets. It contains the effects of stain suspending agent and desiccant, rich in foam and strong decontamination ability. The carpet after washing is soft and easy to dry.

2, strong oil is mainly oil pollution, rapid emulsification and saponification of various greases. The carpet cleanliness was constructed according to the carpet.

3, Carpet buying guide: recommended to buy 3m carpet shampoo is the United States 3M high foam carpet cleaner, can effectively clean the carpet of various pollution, no residue after cleaning, especially suitable for plush carpet.

How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

Sometimes it is impossible to remove the stain immediately. Don’t panic if you are facing old wine or coffee stains; many indoor carpets are pretreated with anti-stick chemicals, so stains are usually not difficult to remove. Spray the dirty area slightly with a spray bottle filled with vinegar and then wipe with a cloth. For deeper stains, use vinegar or carpet cleaner to soak the stains, sprinkle the baking powder, and when the baking powder is dry, use a vacuum cleaner.

Don’t try to wash the stain off the carpet. Washing can damage the fibers, making the stained area look worse.

Do not soak the dirty area with too much vinegar, water or other liquids. If it penetrates the carpet too deeply and let it dry, it may cause mold growth.

Use a mixture of lemon and salt to effectively clean lighter carpets. Focus on areas where you need to be careful to ensure that your carpet is not stained in different colors.How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

What is a pvc carpet? How to clean pvc carpet?

What is a pvc carpet? How to clean pvc carpet?

PVC carpet is a family carpet of a new type of light-weight decorative material (light body material) that is very popular in the world. It is popular in Japan, South Korea and Europe in Europe, America and Asia. Since entering the Chinese market in the late 1980s, it has been widely recognized in large and medium-sized cities in China. It is widely used in homes, schools, hospitals, office buildings, factories, supermarkets, businesses, sports venues and other office spaces.<Carpet buying guide>

What is a pvc carpet? How to clean pvc carpet?

PVC carpet is a carpet made of polyvinyl chloride resin material, specifically polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw materials, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other auxiliary materials, in the form of continuous continuous substrate It can be replaced by pure wool carpet and chemical fiber carpet by uniform mixing, coating process or plasticizing by calendering and extrusion process.

PVC carpet has soft texture, bright color, comfortable and durable, easy to clean, not easy to burn and self-extinguishing, not afraid of moisture, so it is especially suitable for hotels, shops, stage, residential and other places. Due to its good water resistance and slip resistance, it is especially suitable for use in bathrooms as a home carpet that can effectively prevent carpet shifting. It can also be used as an indoor carpet or as an outdoor carpet.

What is a pvc carpet? How to clean pvc carpet?

How to clean pvc carpet?

1,Only use vacuum cleaner to remove dust and special mop to clean on weekdays.

2, if spots or stains can be sprayed directly on the stain with general household cleaners, soapy water, etc., brush with nylon brush, wipe the foam with a rag, then wash with water, and finally wipe with a rag or mop.

3, about 3-4 times a year to clean the carpet machine with a wheel brush, water and detergent for deep cleaning, the number of cleaning depends on the use of conditions and color. No waxing is required after cleaning, and a little bleach can be added to the water for sterilization. Pollen contamination and gel removal can be gently wiped with a damp rag and loose perfume.

4,Do not use strong chemical and strong acid and alkali solvents, such as toluene, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, industrial alcohol, banana water, etc.

Three high quality Family carpet are recommended, and kids carpet can also be used!

Three high quality Family carpet are recommended, and kids carpet can also be used!

1, silk home carpet

Generally, the material of silk is most afraid of sun exposure, and it must not be washed with hot water. Because silk protein can not catch the color, the color of silk carpet is not as rich as wool or chemical fiber carpet.

However, with the development of science and technology, the general high-grade silk carpets have undergone anti-oxidation treatment, so the silk family carpets are not affected under normal sunlight, and are partially cleaned with cold water, using a vacuum cleaner for a large area. Cleaning work, no need to expose to the sun, naturally dry.

Three high quality Family carpet are recommended, and kids carpet can also be used!

2, cotton and linen family carpet
Cotton and linen carpets have a very good touch and the color fastness is definitely higher than that of silk carpets. As long as it is not a small workshop carpet with poor dyeing process, there will be no color loss. In particular, many imported carpets have been tested for color fastness from raw materials.

Therefore, cotton and linen carpets need to pay attention to the durability problems, such as: chemical fiber carpet because the fiber is very strong, and the material of the cotton and linen carpet is soft and comfortable, it is a natural material.

Any natural material will inevitably appear flaws. In addition to the daily cleaning work, you should also pay attention to the thread of the carpet surface, you can trim it with scissors. When cleaning, use a carpet-specific cleaner. Generally, cotton carpets are very soft and easy to clean.

3, wool family carpet
Wool carpet is the most common carpet material, wear-resistant and durable, and the natural color of the wool is similar. The color that the designer draws in the computer can be displayed well with the wool carpet. It is the designer’s favorite carpet material. .

Although the wool is a natural material, it is higher than the color fastness of cotton and linen. It has been said that the wool carpet is naturally close to the color, and the color reproduction is very high, so there is no need to worry about the color loss.

Mention that wool carpets inevitably mention hair loss problems, hair loss problems can be avoided in daily maintenance.

Three high quality Family carpet are recommended, and kids carpet can also be used!

Drying with confidence, of course, not under the sun, morning sun and afternoon sunset, you can take the carpet to the balcony, while enjoying the sun while enjoying the carpet.

Smaller stains can be cleaned with soap. Larger stains can be found in the carpet cleaning company. Now you can accept a few hundred dollars of down jackets for dry cleaning. A carpet that has been used for decades is not worth looking for. Is the company cleaning?

Don’t give up good things because you save money and be lazy. It will be beautiful because of your care. If it is a children’s carpet, please take care to clean it, because the child’s immunity is relatively weak, so it must be cleaned many times.

What is the correct way to clean the family carpet?

What is the correct way to clean the family carpet?

With the increasing variety of household carpets, the cleaning of household carpets has become more and more particular. What are the misunderstandings in household carpet cleaning? What is the correct way to clean the family carpet?

What is the correct way to clean the family carpet?

Many people think that the maintenance of family carpet is often cleaned and rinsed, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the carpet. It does not need to worry about bacteria and other problems. It is more reassuring. In fact, it often affects the softness, color and luster of the carpet. Therefore, in order to maintain the carpet. Clean and do not need to be rinsed frequently.

“Carpet Buying Guide” recommendations: Most of the current family carpet are pure wool carpets, not suitable for frequent smashing, causing damage to all aspects of the carpet, regular thorough cleaning and daily dust removal combined to maintain the carpet The most correct method.

People often put the quilt in the sun and sterilize it. It is also suitable for the maintenance of the carpet. Therefore, the washed carpet is often placed under the sun, but the long-term sun exposure will cause the carpet to lose its original softness and color. It is not a good way to maintain the carpet.

“Carpet Buying Guide” suggests: If you want to sterilize the sun, the time for the carpet to dry in the sun is 1-2 hours. It is best to place the carpet in the vents to dry naturally to reduce the damage to the carpet. It will be clean, soft and comfortable, and more durable.

The use of carpets is inevitably dirty, stained, and when faced with stubborn smudges, some people choose to use strong bleach for carpet cleaning. Strong bleach can undoubtedly clean the smudges left on the carpet, but when the carpet is in contact with strong bleach, it may cause chemical stains or fading. What’s more, the carpet may be corroded to wear. appear. Therefore, even if it is absolutely necessary to use strong bleach to clean the smudges of the carpet, it should be diluted with water as much as possible.

“Carpet Buying Guide” recommends: Take care to avoid the carpet being stained with hard-to-clean liquids such as soy sauce, red wine and paint. If you really get it, it is best to use some cleaning tips to clean it. If you don’t need to use strong bleach to clean the carpet, use it as much as possible to dilute it with water to avoid damage to the carpet.

When the carpet is used or cleaned, many people will find a thin layer of “floating hair” on the surface of the carpet, or the length of the carpet is different, which means that the carpet is shed. In fact, the occurrence of “floating hair” is a common situation in short-fiber wool carpets, and the phenomenon that the length of the carpet is different is even more common.

What is the correct way to clean the family carpet?

The “Carpet Buying Guide” suggests: thin “floating hair” is generally ignored. For carpets of different lengths, just wipe the hair in the same direction with your hand. Don’t think that it is a hair loss and blindly change the carpet.

Many people don’t have any difference in the material of the carpet. When cleaning, they are treated in the same way as they know, and they are not treated differently for the material of the carpet.

“Carpet Buying Guide” suggests: carpets are generally divided into: silk, cotton, hemp, wool and other materials, should be maintained in different ways according to different materials.

In addition to household carpet cleaning, we must also pay attention to the cleaning of kids carpet, because children do not know how to protect themselves, if there is bacteria, it is easy to enter the child’s body, causing harm to children, so it is also important to clean the kids carpet!

Simple method of cleaning family carpet

Simple method of cleaning family carpet

Lead: In the home life, in addition to the novelty, uniqueness, warmth, and home taste, the most important thing is home cleaning. If you can’t keep clean in a family, then the best furniture, no matter how good the decoration is, it is a waste of resources and money. We definitely don’t want to see a mess at home when the relatives and friends arrive, so keep it Cleaning is also very important.

Simple method of cleaning family carpet

When cleaning the house, in order to maintain the indoor cleanliness, it is often done after a period of cleaning.

The cloth towels on the sofa, the tablecloth on the table, the family carpet, and some of the items that have been washed and replaced are inspected and cleaned. Cleaning the family carpet is a very troublesome thing. Many of us may say that we are looking for professional cleaning. The company is cleaning, this is indeed a solution, but it is too wasteful and costly.

Below, the author introduces the simple method of cleaning the family carpet to help you to be as clean as a professionally cleaned carpet.

Household children’s carpet cleaning method 1:

Our family carpets are all in a variety of styles. Not only the patterns and patterns are different, but the shapes are different. Therefore, be careful when cleaning. For some expensive carpets, if we clean it, it will damage the carpet, often the carpet. There will be a lot of dirt on the surface, so we should try to separate these to wash when cleaning;

Different stains should be selected with different cleaning agents. For example, oil should be cleaned with carbon tetrachloride. The shoe polish should be cleaned with gasoline. The cleaning of the whole dust should be cleaned with anhydrous dry powder. The surface of the carpet should be cleaned with cleaning agent and dry cleaning powder. The cleaning of the dirt is completed, and the above-mentioned cleaning is performed locally, so that the damage to the carpet during cleaning can be minimized.

Simple method of cleaning family carpet

Household children’s carpet cleaning method 2:

When cleaning the home carpet, you should first wipe it from the edge of the stained area, slowly close to the center of the stain. If you don’t see the stain, you want to clean the most serious place first, that is, you can’t Scrubbing in the middle to the outside, this will cause the stain to spread, which will make the stain on the carpet become more difficult to clean. Then we can use the steam sauna carpet cleaning machine to clean the carpet. This method is more expensive, but the effect is better. It can use high temperature and high pressure to separate the dirt, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the carpet dirt.

In addition, we can also use the egg white, milk and other lipids to clean the carpet, there are many ways, Xiaobian will not be introduced one by one, but the best way is to pay more attention to the usual, try not to eat some items on the stalls, Paying attention to the protection of the carpet can really clean the home carpet.