How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

Because the office carpet can reduce the noise of the office, it provides great convenience for indoor computer wiring, and it is more fashionable.

How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

But he also has an indoor carpet that is not good and clean. If the carpet is dirty, it is not only bad, but also breeds bacteria or dust.

Therefore, each company should arrange an office carpet cleaning program for itself to keep the indoor carpet clean and prevent bacterial growth.

How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

From a professional point of view, we recommend that your office carpet be cleaned at least every three months. It is best to clean once a month if there are many office staff or company conditions. According to the customer, how long to clean.

Cleaning company introduction: We use different cleaning liquids according to different materials of carpet cleaning agent; high foam, low foam carpet shampoo, strong oil, in addition to coloring agents, disinfectants.

1,High foam carpet water is a neutral detergent suitable for cleaning various carpets. It contains the effects of stain suspending agent and desiccant, rich in foam and strong decontamination ability. The carpet after washing is soft and easy to dry.

2, strong oil is mainly oil pollution, rapid emulsification and saponification of various greases. The carpet cleanliness was constructed according to the carpet.

3, Carpet buying guide: recommended to buy 3m carpet shampoo is the United States 3M high foam carpet cleaner, can effectively clean the carpet of various pollution, no residue after cleaning, especially suitable for plush carpet.

How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

Sometimes it is impossible to remove the stain immediately. Don’t panic if you are facing old wine or coffee stains; many indoor carpets are pretreated with anti-stick chemicals, so stains are usually not difficult to remove. Spray the dirty area slightly with a spray bottle filled with vinegar and then wipe with a cloth. For deeper stains, use vinegar or carpet cleaner to soak the stains, sprinkle the baking powder, and when the baking powder is dry, use a vacuum cleaner.

Don’t try to wash the stain off the carpet. Washing can damage the fibers, making the stained area look worse.

Do not soak the dirty area with too much vinegar, water or other liquids. If it penetrates the carpet too deeply and let it dry, it may cause mold growth.

Use a mixture of lemon and salt to effectively clean lighter carpets. Focus on areas where you need to be careful to ensure that your carpet is not stained in different colors.How often does the office carpet be cleaned? Procter & Gamble Company tips!

What is a pvc carpet? How to clean pvc carpet?

What is a pvc carpet? How to clean pvc carpet?

PVC carpet is a family carpet of a new type of light-weight decorative material (light body material) that is very popular in the world. It is popular in Japan, South Korea and Europe in Europe, America and Asia. Since entering the Chinese market in the late 1980s, it has been widely recognized in large and medium-sized cities in China. It is widely used in homes, schools, hospitals, office buildings, factories, supermarkets, businesses, sports venues and other office spaces.<Carpet buying guide>

What is a pvc carpet? How to clean pvc carpet?

PVC carpet is a carpet made of polyvinyl chloride resin material, specifically polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw materials, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other auxiliary materials, in the form of continuous continuous substrate It can be replaced by pure wool carpet and chemical fiber carpet by uniform mixing, coating process or plasticizing by calendering and extrusion process.

PVC carpet has soft texture, bright color, comfortable and durable, easy to clean, not easy to burn and self-extinguishing, not afraid of moisture, so it is especially suitable for hotels, shops, stage, residential and other places. Due to its good water resistance and slip resistance, it is especially suitable for use in bathrooms as a home carpet that can effectively prevent carpet shifting. It can also be used as an indoor carpet or as an outdoor carpet.

What is a pvc carpet? How to clean pvc carpet?

How to clean pvc carpet?

1,Only use vacuum cleaner to remove dust and special mop to clean on weekdays.

2, if spots or stains can be sprayed directly on the stain with general household cleaners, soapy water, etc., brush with nylon brush, wipe the foam with a rag, then wash with water, and finally wipe with a rag or mop.

3, about 3-4 times a year to clean the carpet machine with a wheel brush, water and detergent for deep cleaning, the number of cleaning depends on the use of conditions and color. No waxing is required after cleaning, and a little bleach can be added to the water for sterilization. Pollen contamination and gel removal can be gently wiped with a damp rag and loose perfume.

4,Do not use strong chemical and strong acid and alkali solvents, such as toluene, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, industrial alcohol, banana water, etc.

Three high quality Family carpet are recommended, and kids carpet can also be used!

Three high quality Family carpet are recommended, and kids carpet can also be used!

1, silk home carpet

Generally, the material of silk is most afraid of sun exposure, and it must not be washed with hot water. Because silk protein can not catch the color, the color of silk carpet is not as rich as wool or chemical fiber carpet.

However, with the development of science and technology, the general high-grade silk carpets have undergone anti-oxidation treatment, so the silk family carpets are not affected under normal sunlight, and are partially cleaned with cold water, using a vacuum cleaner for a large area. Cleaning work, no need to expose to the sun, naturally dry.

Three high quality Family carpet are recommended, and kids carpet can also be used!

2, cotton and linen family carpet
Cotton and linen carpets have a very good touch and the color fastness is definitely higher than that of silk carpets. As long as it is not a small workshop carpet with poor dyeing process, there will be no color loss. In particular, many imported carpets have been tested for color fastness from raw materials.

Therefore, cotton and linen carpets need to pay attention to the durability problems, such as: chemical fiber carpet because the fiber is very strong, and the material of the cotton and linen carpet is soft and comfortable, it is a natural material.

Any natural material will inevitably appear flaws. In addition to the daily cleaning work, you should also pay attention to the thread of the carpet surface, you can trim it with scissors. When cleaning, use a carpet-specific cleaner. Generally, cotton carpets are very soft and easy to clean.

3, wool family carpet
Wool carpet is the most common carpet material, wear-resistant and durable, and the natural color of the wool is similar. The color that the designer draws in the computer can be displayed well with the wool carpet. It is the designer’s favorite carpet material. .

Although the wool is a natural material, it is higher than the color fastness of cotton and linen. It has been said that the wool carpet is naturally close to the color, and the color reproduction is very high, so there is no need to worry about the color loss.

Mention that wool carpets inevitably mention hair loss problems, hair loss problems can be avoided in daily maintenance.

Three high quality Family carpet are recommended, and kids carpet can also be used!

Drying with confidence, of course, not under the sun, morning sun and afternoon sunset, you can take the carpet to the balcony, while enjoying the sun while enjoying the carpet.

Smaller stains can be cleaned with soap. Larger stains can be found in the carpet cleaning company. Now you can accept a few hundred dollars of down jackets for dry cleaning. A carpet that has been used for decades is not worth looking for. Is the company cleaning?

Don’t give up good things because you save money and be lazy. It will be beautiful because of your care. If it is a children’s carpet, please take care to clean it, because the child’s immunity is relatively weak, so it must be cleaned many times.

Simple method of cleaning family carpet

Simple method of cleaning family carpet

Lead: In the home life, in addition to the novelty, uniqueness, warmth, and home taste, the most important thing is home cleaning. If you can’t keep clean in a family, then the best furniture, no matter how good the decoration is, it is a waste of resources and money. We definitely don’t want to see a mess at home when the relatives and friends arrive, so keep it Cleaning is also very important.

Simple method of cleaning family carpet

When cleaning the house, in order to maintain the indoor cleanliness, it is often done after a period of cleaning.

The cloth towels on the sofa, the tablecloth on the table, the family carpet, and some of the items that have been washed and replaced are inspected and cleaned. Cleaning the family carpet is a very troublesome thing. Many of us may say that we are looking for professional cleaning. The company is cleaning, this is indeed a solution, but it is too wasteful and costly.

Below, the author introduces the simple method of cleaning the family carpet to help you to be as clean as a professionally cleaned carpet.

Household children’s carpet cleaning method 1:

Our family carpets are all in a variety of styles. Not only the patterns and patterns are different, but the shapes are different. Therefore, be careful when cleaning. For some expensive carpets, if we clean it, it will damage the carpet, often the carpet. There will be a lot of dirt on the surface, so we should try to separate these to wash when cleaning;

Different stains should be selected with different cleaning agents. For example, oil should be cleaned with carbon tetrachloride. The shoe polish should be cleaned with gasoline. The cleaning of the whole dust should be cleaned with anhydrous dry powder. The surface of the carpet should be cleaned with cleaning agent and dry cleaning powder. The cleaning of the dirt is completed, and the above-mentioned cleaning is performed locally, so that the damage to the carpet during cleaning can be minimized.

Simple method of cleaning family carpet

Household children’s carpet cleaning method 2:

When cleaning the home carpet, you should first wipe it from the edge of the stained area, slowly close to the center of the stain. If you don’t see the stain, you want to clean the most serious place first, that is, you can’t Scrubbing in the middle to the outside, this will cause the stain to spread, which will make the stain on the carpet become more difficult to clean. Then we can use the steam sauna carpet cleaning machine to clean the carpet. This method is more expensive, but the effect is better. It can use high temperature and high pressure to separate the dirt, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the carpet dirt.

In addition, we can also use the egg white, milk and other lipids to clean the carpet, there are many ways, Xiaobian will not be introduced one by one, but the best way is to pay more attention to the usual, try not to eat some items on the stalls, Paying attention to the protection of the carpet can really clean the home carpet.