Do you know two ways to lay a family carpet ?

Do you know two ways to lay a family carpet ?

When laying a family carpet, it is necessary to first look at the variety, specifications, quality, rubber and accessories to meet the design requirements. The base project for laying the home carpet must meet the standards.

Do you know two ways to lay a family carpet ?

The surface quality of the household carpet surface should meet the following requirements:

The qualified requirements are: the carpet is fixed firmly, the blanket surface is not flat, the wrinkle is not wrinkled, the seam is not warped, the seam is spliced ​​to the line and the seam is dense and flat, the seam is not exposed, the suede is smooth, and the edge is reasonable; The surface is clean and free of oil contaminants.

The excellent requirement is: on the basis of the qualification, the pattern of the shaped room is straight and straight, the cutting is reasonable, the edge is flat and there is no burr.

The quality of the home carpet and other ground junctions and closings shall comply with the following requirements:

The requirements for passing the test are: the junction and the closing of the carpet with other grounds should be straight, compact and compacted;

The excellent requirement is that the adjacent parts of the interface should be flush with the ground on a qualified basis, and the foot feels comfortable.

There are two main ways to lay carpets:

Movable laying: It means that the carpet is floated on the base layer without fixing the carpet to the base.

Fixed laying: There are two fixing methods in the fixed type. One is the strip type fixing, and the barbed board is used to pull the carpet; the other is the fixing method, and the adhesive is used to stick the carpet on the floor.

Methods and steps for laying home carpets:

Before the paving, it is necessary to carry out the actual amount, measure the corner of the wall, and accurately record the angles of the corners. According to the calculated blanking size, the wire is cut and cut on the back of the carpet.

Do you know two ways to lay a family carpet ?

The barbed plate is fixedly laid along the wall with a nail barb, and the barbed plate is 8 mm from the skirting board.

Apply the tape to the seams and stick the two carpets together on the back of the carpet. First trim the uneven fluff of the seams and repeatedly lick the fluff at the seams until the seams are visible.

When the adhesive is laid, it is left to dry for 5 to 10 minutes, and is laid when the glue becomes dry and sticky.

After the home carpet is laid, use a pilling carpet to tighten, flatten and hang on the barbed plate. Adhered with glue, the carpet is flattened and the bubbles are pressed out with a felt roller.

Cut the corners of the extra home carpet and clean the pulled fibers.

When cutting household carpets, they should be cut along the carpet warp yarns, only the weft yarns should be cut, and the warp yarns should not be cut. For backed carpets, the piles should be separated from the front to find the warp and weft yarns.
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