What is the correct way to clean the family carpet?

What is the correct way to clean the family carpet?

With the increasing variety of household carpets, the cleaning of household carpets has become more and more particular. What are the misunderstandings in household carpet cleaning? What is the correct way to clean the family carpet?

What is the correct way to clean the family carpet?

Many people think that the maintenance of family carpet is often cleaned and rinsed, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the carpet. It does not need to worry about bacteria and other problems. It is more reassuring. In fact, it often affects the softness, color and luster of the carpet. Therefore, in order to maintain the carpet. Clean and do not need to be rinsed frequently.

“Carpet Buying Guide” recommendations: Most of the current family carpet are pure wool carpets, not suitable for frequent smashing, causing damage to all aspects of the carpet, regular thorough cleaning and daily dust removal combined to maintain the carpet The most correct method.

People often put the quilt in the sun and sterilize it. It is also suitable for the maintenance of the carpet. Therefore, the washed carpet is often placed under the sun, but the long-term sun exposure will cause the carpet to lose its original softness and color. It is not a good way to maintain the carpet.

“Carpet Buying Guide” suggests: If you want to sterilize the sun, the time for the carpet to dry in the sun is 1-2 hours. It is best to place the carpet in the vents to dry naturally to reduce the damage to the carpet. It will be clean, soft and comfortable, and more durable.

The use of carpets is inevitably dirty, stained, and when faced with stubborn smudges, some people choose to use strong bleach for carpet cleaning. Strong bleach can undoubtedly clean the smudges left on the carpet, but when the carpet is in contact with strong bleach, it may cause chemical stains or fading. What’s more, the carpet may be corroded to wear. appear. Therefore, even if it is absolutely necessary to use strong bleach to clean the smudges of the carpet, it should be diluted with water as much as possible.

“Carpet Buying Guide” recommends: Take care to avoid the carpet being stained with hard-to-clean liquids such as soy sauce, red wine and paint. If you really get it, it is best to use some cleaning tips to clean it. If you don’t need to use strong bleach to clean the carpet, use it as much as possible to dilute it with water to avoid damage to the carpet.

When the carpet is used or cleaned, many people will find a thin layer of “floating hair” on the surface of the carpet, or the length of the carpet is different, which means that the carpet is shed. In fact, the occurrence of “floating hair” is a common situation in short-fiber wool carpets, and the phenomenon that the length of the carpet is different is even more common.

What is the correct way to clean the family carpet?

The “Carpet Buying Guide” suggests: thin “floating hair” is generally ignored. For carpets of different lengths, just wipe the hair in the same direction with your hand. Don’t think that it is a hair loss and blindly change the carpet.

Many people don’t have any difference in the material of the carpet. When cleaning, they are treated in the same way as they know, and they are not treated differently for the material of the carpet.

“Carpet Buying Guide” suggests: carpets are generally divided into: silk, cotton, hemp, wool and other materials, should be maintained in different ways according to different materials.

In addition to household carpet cleaning, we must also pay attention to the cleaning of kids carpet, because children do not know how to protect themselves, if there is bacteria, it is easy to enter the child’s body, causing harm to children, so it is also important to clean the kids carpet!