Five different types of family carpet cleaning methods

Five different types of family carpet cleaning methods

What are the methods of cleaning family carpet? Home carpets are indispensable decorative items in modern homes. They are woven into various colors in various materials, shapes and sizes to bring individuality to each space. However, home carpet cleaning It is a troublesome thing. So, how should the carpets of different materials in the agenda life be cleaned? Here are five different types of family carpet cleaning methods to help you better clean the carpet.

1, the cleaning method of the large carpet

The cleaning method of five different types of family carpet cleaning methods the same as ordinary indoor carpets. For cleaning large-area carpets, the most important thing is to vacuum the carpet regularly with a vacuum cleaner. If the indoor carpet is reversible, double-sided vacuuming . This removes grit and dirt that can cause the carpet to wear, but be careful not to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the edges of the carpet. When using a vacuum cleaner, pet hair may be left. In this case, use a hard brush to remove the hair and brush the hair in the direction of the carpet fluff. If the interior carpet is small enough, you can take it out, shake it or slap it to remove dirt and grit, but in some areas there are regulations prohibiting outdoor rocking, so please understand your local regulations.

  1. Cleaning method for woven or woven carpet

Before and after cleaning, check the seams on the carpet, check the label to determine if the woven carpet is washable, and if possible, place the small carpet in a zippered pillowcase or a meshed laundry bag and circulate it in clean water. Until thoroughly cleaned, then dry in a low temperature environment. If large woven carpets need to be laid on vinyl or concrete floors, or put an old blanket under them, use a special carpet cleaning foam to clean the surface of the carpet and wipe it in the direction of the carpet fluff, and finally by washing or sucking When the dust is done, be sure to dry thoroughly before laying the carpet on the floor.

3, manual carpet cleaning method

Ordinary outdoor carpets are similar to wool carpets. Cleaning of handmade carpets also requires the use of vacuum cleaners for vacuuming. However, manual carpets should be carefully cleaned. To prevent damage to the carpet when using a vacuum cleaner, a nylon mesh can be placed on the carpet. Use books or bricks to weight them to protect them from the vacuum cleaner. Or attach a screen to the vacuum cleaner and frequently change the screen when dirt accumulates. This kind of carpet needs to be professionally cleaned once a year. It is best to rotate the carpet often to ensure even wear of the carpet. Remember that the handmade carpet should not be exposed to the sun, otherwise the carpet will fade.

Tip: When buying handmade carpets, learn as much as possible about the fiber content and structure of the carpet from the manufacturer so that it can be better cleaned in the future. Five different types of family carpet cleaning methods.

4, the cleaning method of natural fiber carpet

These carpets made of natural fibers are open-woven, which screens the dirt onto the underlying floor and then cleans the floor with a vacuum cleaner. Many of these carpets are reversible, and if so, they should be turned over and cleaned whenever you vacuum.

To clean the stains or fading on the natural fiber carpet in the room, place it in a suitable position, protect the underlying floor with a plastic drip cloth and a towel, scrub the stain with a soft brush, soapy water, and rinse with water. Put a towel in a wet place, dry the stain as much as possible, or use a portable fan or hair dryer to speed up the drying, because water will weaken the fibers, so dry quickly and completely extend the life of these carpets.

Five different types of family carpet cleaning methods

Some natural fiber rugs are made up of squares that are sewn together. Buy a few or smaller rugs. If there are dirty smudges on the rug, hold the fixed line and replace a new square rug. Durable carpet lines are hand-stitched.

5, the cleaning method of leather carpet

Shake the odorless talcum powder on the fur, sheepskin and hair on the carpet and leave it for a few hours, then shake off. The number of repetitions of this process depends on the length of the fur.

To clean the back of the carpet, use a clean cotton cloth dampened with soapy water to wipe off any dirt or spillage, wash it off with a cloth dampened with clean water, and put it back in place to dry.