Three strokes teach you to choose the right indoor carpet

Three strokes teach you to choose the right indoor carpet

Nowadays, many families like to lay home carpets during the decoration, but the carpets of various materials make it difficult for some citizens to choose. The reporter visited some merchants to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different material carpets and the choice of tips. The carpet buying guide will share with you, three strokes. Three strokes teach you to choose the right indoor carpet.

Classification of family carpets:

At present, carpets sold on the market mainly include mechanical carpets and handmade carpets. The mechanism carpet is divided into tufted carpet, woven carpet and needled carpet. The handmade carpet is divided into three types: hand-knotted wool carpet, hand-stitched wool rubber back carpet and hand-knotted silk carpet.

Many industry people have introduced that the tufted carpet is beautiful and durable, and it is a popular mid-range product; the woven carpet is gorgeous and comfortable, and it is a high-grade product in the mechanism carpet, acrylic blister machine;

The needle-punched carpet is suitable for places with frequent replacement cycles and is a low-grade product in the mechanism carpet. Hand-knotted wool carpets, hand-tufted wool-backed carpets, and hand-knotted silk carpets are interior-grade decorations, and the price is relatively high.

Three strokes three strokes teach you to choose the right indoor carpet:

When choosing a carpet, consumers should choose different grades of carpet according to the specific conditions of each family. If there are wheelchairs and other rubber tires in the room, they should choose a synthetic fiber woven carpet that is not afraid of pressure and easy to clean.

For rooms with a large flow of people, a tufted loop pile carpet with high pile quality, high density and wear resistance should be selected. For families with infants and young children, choose synthetic fiber woven carpets that are resistant to corrosion, pollution and easy to clean.

You should judge the quality of indoor carpets in this way!

In addition to looking at the specifications given by the manufacturer, the carpet buying guide reminds you to pay attention to the following three points:

Three strokes teach you to choose the right indoor carpet

First, look at the pile density of the carpet:

The carpet can be touched by hand, and the quality of the pile is high, and the density of the carpet surface is full. The carpet has good elasticity, wear resistance, and is comfortable and durable. Consumers should not choose the plush method to select the carpet. The surface looks fluffy and good, but the pile density is loose, the pile is easy to fall and deform, not resistant to pedaling, and not durable.

Second, color fastness:

When choosing a carpet, the elderly apartment can be rubbed repeatedly on the carpet surface several times to see if the color is sticky on the hand. If the color is sticky, the color fastness of the product is not good, and the carpet is prone to discoloration during use. fade.

Third, the carpet backing peeling strength:

The back of the tufted carpet is glued with a layer of mesh backing and electric spindle. When selecting this type of carpet, the base fabric can be gently torn and torn to see the degree of adhesion, such as low adhesion. The base fabric and the carpet body are easily separated, and the indoor carpet is not durable.

This article provides you with detailed information on the purchase of indoor carpets. The three strokes teach you to choose the right indoor carpet. I am happy when I help you!